Our Automation Capabilities

Our comprehensive automation design capabilities focus on inspection, metrology, and precision assembly. The company’s core competencies enable our clients to maximize their ROI and dramatically improve operational efficiencies.
We excel in precision engineering and have a legacy of successfully serving our clients for 45+ years. Our vast expertise has been established, not only from investments in R&D, but also from the knowledge of our employees who have decades of experience in a variety of industry sectors.
Our objective is to provide exemplary service to our clients by continually collaborating with your engineering teams. We conduct robust DFM and GD&T analysis to enable 100% inspection (zero-defect) and SPC.
We are proud of our capabilities and look forward to helping you achieve your manufacturing objectives.
Advanced, automated, non-contact metrology solutions.


We design and develop advanced, automated, non-contact metrology solutions that help ensure superior quality and maximize throughput.
Our systems and solutions are capable of sub-micron accuracy and repeatability to meet your challenging GRR standards.

Our designs include:
  • Highly repeatable and non-marring material handling
  • 2D and 3D inspection with height mapping
  • High sensor utilization
  • High-speed, real-time SPC analysis using custom software
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Continuous motion inspection
  • Custom lighting
  • Multi-sensor integration​
Custom-built, high-speed, automated inspection systems.


Our custom, high-speed, automated inspection systems identify and classify micron-level defects and surface flaws across a wide range of materials, including transparent and translucent materials.
We routinely inspect for many types of defects, including:
  • Cosmetic Defects
  • Coating Thickness
  • Surface Finishes
  • Gaps and Offsets
  • Color and Gloss
We apply our precision inspection technologies to many applications, including:
  • Wirebond position accuracy
  • Medical package seal inspection
  • Medical implants
  • Engine, powertrain and precision automotive components
  • Battery modules

Precision Assembly & Test

We specialize in high-speed, precision assembly and test automation for high-volume manufacturing of small devices. Our world-class engineering and project management teams are recognized in the industry for delivering the most innovative solutions, incorporating our custom software, best-in-class sensors, machine vision cameras, robots, dispense equipment, and precision material handling.​ All of our systems are characterized by precision and speed to enable high throughput and product quality. 
High-speed precision assembly and test automation for high-volume, small-part manufacturing.

Some examples of our work in this area:

  • High speed precision dispensing
  • Micro fastener insertion and assembly
  • ​Laser and ultrasonic welding Medical device assembly
  • Electric vehicle and large format battery assembly and test
  • In-situ electrical testing
  • Excising and attaching
  • Delamination
  • Laser marking
  • Wet process
  • Web handling
  • Heart valve assembly and test