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Build-to-Print Services

For over 45 years, DWFritz Automation has been your trusted partner for inspection, metrology, and precision assembly automation solutions. We have built our reputation by designing, developing, and building innovative systems that solve your most complex manufacturing challenges.

DWFritz’s Global Build-to-Print Service leverages that experience and expertise to bring your designs to life. Our contract manufacturing partners benefit from our world-class production technicians, global supply chain partnerships, MRP-inventory controls, configuration management capabilities, project management process and global service and support model.

Brilliant People Thrive Here

We actively cultivate an environment of problem solvers, and our world-class production team has responded with innovative approachs to our clients’ toughest build challenges.

DWFritz has a history of building innovative turnkey solutions:

  • Over 1,700 systems delivered and installed worldwide running 98% uptime
  • 1 billion client parts inspected since 2014
  • Inspection tolerances of 35 micron or better, 20% GR&R
  • Dispensing speeds of 150 milliseconds per placement with 20-micron capability
  • Single tool and multi-module integrations


Our collaborative manufacturing team includes experienced mechanical and controls technicians, electromechanical assemblers, manufacturing engineers, production coordinators, project assistants, materials coordinators, and quality support staff. With a passion for quality and a strong culture of safety and delivery, some areas of expertise include:

  • Wiring
  • Panel and Frame Build
  • Single-micron Precision Alignment
  • System Integration
  • I/O Check
  • Power Up
  • System Debug
  • Pneumatics
  • Robot Integration and Teaching
  • Sensor Build and Alignment
  • Calibration
  • Fixture and Tool Design
  • Process Optimization
  • Build Sequencing
  • Make/Buy Analysis
  • Material Status
  • Documentation Review
  • Crating and Delivery Logistics

And when the time comes in your product lifecycle that you need a partner to provide Value Analysis/Value Engineering, DWFritz can support that too.

World-Wide Operations

With manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. and China, DWFritz provides exceptional global support and services. Our staff of over 600 employees worldwide includes world-class technicians with an average of 22 years’ experience across various industries.

The teams from DWFritz China and DWFritz Wilsonville regularly partner to develop our engineering and manufacturing solutions, cross-train on the latest technologies and products, and share best practices across talent and organizational development, finance, and operations departments.

When you partner with DWFritz, your partnering with one global team.

U.S. Facilities

  • 79,000 ft² production space
  • 56,000 ft² flexible build space
  • 11,000 ft² secure manufacturing space
  • 1,750 ft² calibration lab
  • 1,950 ft² cleanroom
  • 12,900ft² warehouse space
  • 5,600 ft² ITAR and facilities
  • 208V and 480V three-phase power
  • Clean dry compressed air
  • House vacuum supply
  • In-house machine shop
  • ISO 8/Fed 209E class 100,000 cleanroom

China Facilities

  • 300+ engineers & technicians with capacity to scale rapidly
  • Capable of BTP of sub-assembly, system integration, FAT, installation upgrades, and support
  • Supporting 1,700 install machines in 24/7 high-volume production
  • Regional warranty & spare parts support

R&D Lab

  • Proof of Principle development
  • Component qualification & calibration
  • Advanced machine vision, lighting, and sensor design & testing
  • Rapid prototyping using 3D printers
  • AI software development for deep learning defect detection
  • High-speed, non-contact metrology platform development

Global Supply Chain

DWFritz has established relationships with the world’s leading automation suppliers, working closely with their engineering and development teams to validate and test the most advanced, high-speed equipment. Our partnerships keep our engineers up-to-date on the latest technological developments, ensuring we use the most cutting-edge tools and materials. 

With thousands of systems installed worldwide running at 98% uptime, our operations and logistics teams maintain an ERP system with real-time inventory management capabilities and a centralized service & support database to meet every supply chain or logistics requirement.

Build-to-print manufacturing facilities

Preferred Partnerships

We believe repetitive build projects allow us to maximize learnings and create efficiencies that provide maximum value to our clients. We will entertain single piece builds as an opportunity to gain a client’s confidence and work on new and challenging projects.

We are not a low-cost, high-volume contract manufacturing house like many other players. We provide maximum value with our high quality work.

We excel at low to medium-volume, high-complexity projects. The higher the complexity, the better fit for our capabilities. We have delivered hundreds to thousands of complex precision solutions that are still in operation today.

We take pride in our capabilities and look forward to helping you achieve your manufacturing objectives.