We custom build brilliant precision automation systems.

At DWFritz Automation, we build brilliant precision automation solutions.

At DWFritz Automation, we tackle your most challenging manufacturing automation problems.

We take the time to understand your environment and your business goals. You might need to automate high-volume, high-speed final assembly of small parts. Or maybe you already assembled your parts and would just like someone to take complex dimensional measurements and inspect them for quality. For example, maybe you want to do 3D point-cloud scanning of your parts and check them for defects. This is where we can help you.

Or you might want a complex, customized lighting solution that inspects the seals of your packaged medical devices or consumables. Whatever your automation needs, we will collaborate with you and investigate each phase of the build to ensure we give you the best solution for your problem.

We are experts at creating a variety of automated inspection, metrology, and assembly machines, including defect and surface flaw detection and dimensional metrology. Our highly skilled engineers use a consultative, collaborative approach to solve unique and complex automation challenges. 

World-class systems engineering team at DWFritz.

Systems Engineering

The systems engineering team at DWFritz is world-class. This diverse group uses a consultative, collaborative approach to solving unique and complex automation challenges. This team, with very broad industry backgrounds, combines strong listening, mechanical know-how, and structured questioning to ensure robust solutions that are built to last.​

Software engineering group take innovative approaches to complex challenges.

Software Engineering

Our software engineering group represents the best in the industry when it comes to programming sophisticated automation systems. These engineers are skilled in innovative approaches to solving complex vision challenges, and leverage extensive programming libraries to rapidly integrate software solutions with multiple vision platforms, including Cognex, Keyence, and others. They develop exceptional, user-specific, custom GUI’s that make the complex seem simple and intuitive. This team takes projects from initial analysis of client needs through component selection, control software planning and programming, hands-on test and debug, to installation.​

Microns & Milliseconds™ matter to your project