DWFritz AMP 3100

Advanced Metrology Platform for High Volume Inspection

Automated high speed inspection system ideal for small parts manufacturing​

Designed for 100% inspection of high volume manufacturing, the AMP 3100 non-contact metrology platform features a cutting-edge machine vision system, lasers, custom lighting and advanced robotics.

AMP 3100 – Side View
Key Features 
  • Metrology platform captures dimensional and angular measurements, and 3D profiles
  • Cosmetic inspection for defects
  • Color and gloss measurements
  • Customizable platform for manufacturer’s application, including:
  • 3D lasers and high resolution cameras
  • Multispectral lighting
  • Fixturing and material handling
  • Binning options
  • Pre- and post-metrology assembly and processing options, including laser marking
  • Inspection part programming


AMP 3100 – Front View
Key Benefits
  • Precision non-contact metrology with high repeatability
  • Multisensor system captures multiple simultaneous measurements
  • High throughput with processing speeds that exceed 4 parts per second
  • Generates data for SPC, process optimization and integration with MES
  • Decreases manufacturing and inspection costs per part
  • Highly configurable and optimized for manufacturer’s specific application

Innovative Technology

High speed sensor system with optimal optics and lighting
Using a patented DWFritz laser system, the AMP 3100 scans 3D profiles at a high speed, precisely measuring the most intricate parts with high gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GRR).
Data driven insights optimize manufacturing efficiency
Manufacturers can analyze data in real-time to perform effective root cause analysis to adjust or improve upstream and downstream processes. Statistical process control (SPC) data can drive warnings to reduce variability and scrap.
Highly configurable control software
Using inspection part programming, manufacturers can easily enter measurement and tolerance specifications as well as settings for vision, laser, strobe and data views. 


  • Sensors
  • LEDs
  • Connectors
  • Specialty Fasteners
    Consumer Electronics
    • SD Cards
    Medical Devices
    • Nozzles and Orifices
    • Suture Needles
    • Medical Implants
    • Dental Implants
      • MEMS Devices

      Key Specifications

      Work Volume
       200 x 200 x 200 mm (L x W x H)

      System Dimensions

      X-axis: 0.7 to 1.0 m active

      Y-axis: Per requirements [± 1 μ repeatability]

      Z-axis: Per requirements [± 1 μ repeatability]


      • Flexible input and output options (tray, conveyor, bin and process module interface)
      • Pre- and post-metrology assembly and processing options, such as adhesives, coatings and laser marking
      • Binning
      • 3D point cloud rendering