Our People + Our Process = Your Custom-built Automation System with Exceptional ROI

Our People. Our Process. Your ROI.
DWFritz engineering team at work
Perhaps you are a director of engineering assigned to streamline processes and find cost reductions in your final assembly. Or maybe you are a production manager seeking a faster and more efficient way to inspect parts or components.

Either way, you need an engineering team who is willing to take an intimate look at your current environment, your goals, and your desired outcomes. And, you want it done right the first time. 

At DWFritz Automation, our consultative process, coupled with extensive research and development provide you with just what you need, without excess, to meet your objectives. Based on your needs, our engineering team and project managers invest their time in preparing detailed proposals that include prototyping (proof-of-principle). This means lags in production time and change notices will be minimized before you even sign on the dotted line. We assume more risk upfront which means better results for you.


Manufacturing facilities

Our talented team of engineers is current on the latest technological developments and, our partnerships with technology providers ensures that you have access to the most cutting-edge materials and processes. Our extensive proposal process allows us to literally “draw you a picture” of what your solution will look like. We maintain transparency throughout your project, providing you with the confidence that DWFritz will deliver on time and on budget.

Brilliant Solutions. Brilliant Execution™.

Brilliant Solutions. Brilliant Execution.