SK., Sr. Systems Engineer

“DWFritz presents me with opportunities that help me grow professionally and personally. The collaborative culture within the organization enables me to be successful in my role and also sets up the team to deliver complex machines to its customers. The management team does a great job in communicating and driving the strategic goals through all levels of the organization.”

E.C., Sr. Manufacturing Supervisor

“As a new employee, having the opportunity to meet with Mike Fritz, CEO, on my first day and the Monday All Staff meetings have been helpful to understand the overall philosophy of the company, current and future projects. The recognition of individual and team contributions and demonstration of core values by peers is very inspiring.

As a member of the Manufacturing leadership team I am very excited about the future growth. A significant portion of the team is new to DWFritz and from a diverse background. It is an exciting and dynamic environment as DWFritz manufacturing transitions from project based to a traditional manufacturing environment. My manager has been encouraging and supportive of new viewpoints and demonstrated confidence in my abilities.

I am thrilled to be a part of DWFritz.”

Y.S., Senior Buyer

“After more than eight years in the semiconductor industry, I was looking for change and continued professional growth. In just less than six months at DWFritz, I’ve managed to find the perfect harmony of a high intensity profession, healthy corporate culture, and a team-centric collaborative environment. As stress permeates throughout any corporate environment, here at DWFritz the pressure seems almost negligible due to great teammates and personalities all working toward the common goal of making the customer happy. “

S.W., Project Manager

“We are a family – this is the thing I like most about DWFritz. We really care about each other and I enjoy the friendly environment. Working with a group of professional colleagues to achieve success and grow professionally, nothing can be compared with this. I have been an employee with DWFritz for over 5 years and this is the first place that has ever made me feel like I was a part of something special. I will continue to be proud of being a DWFritz employee!”

Why DWFritz?


Innovation is the way at DWFritz. Entrepreneurship and thinking outside-of-the-box lead to incredible results. Employees are encouraged to “Find a Better Way” this is a core value that keeps us ahead of our competition and promotes our continued growth.

DWFritz offers an incubator program, where employees are encouraged to submit ideas for new businesses and products. We also have an onsite engineering lab so our employees can tinker with our technology.

In the past few years, we entered several new markets and industries thanks to the innovation and talent inherent in our employees. We love to collaborate together to figure out the best processes and create the most brilliant technology available.

Core Values

The energy at DWFritz is fast-paced, dynamic and highly collaborative, and we sure do love to have fun! We don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate new hires, anniversaries and holidays, and when employees need a break during the workday, the occasional shuffle board game or darts competition will spring up.

More importantly we want everyone to be a part of the values-driven culture that inspires our daily work and interactions with our colleagues, clients, and the community at large.


Leadership at DWFritz is one-of-a-kind. Our leaders are authentic in their desire to see their employees flourish; and therefore focus on long-term and sustainable growth strategies. They empower their employees to share their ideas and create an environment that encourages creativity.

Our leaders are a diverse group of people who are highly experienced in their respective fields. They set excellent examples for their employees by practicing our core values and recognizing staff that exemplify these values.

Arguably one of the greatest features of our leadership is the continued participation of our Founder, Dennis Fritz.

Global Team

DWFritz China and DWFritz Wilsonville teams partner constantly. From developing Engineering and Manufacturing solutions to providing cross-training opportunities and sharing best practices across Talent & Organizational Development and Finance teams, at DWFritz, we are One Team.