S.K., Senior Systems Engineer

K.G., Production Coordinator

“As a Production Coordinator, I am truly part of a collaborative environment in which team members bring a wide variety of work experiences, amazing intellect, and enjoyable personalities. Within a week of starting at DWFritz, I sat down with my manager to discuss courses to expand my knowledge of supply chain, spoke to the VP of Operations to discuss the work load of our team, and worked with production management to review status of the builds – my days are always interesting at DWFritz!”

S.K., Senior Systems Engineer

O.M., Sr. Controls Software Engineer

“The open environment culture is what impressed me the most from the very first day. We are all part of a big team with a common goal of being successful both professionally and personally. My manager and coworkers make me feel like I am an important part of the team.”

S.K., Senior Systems Engineer

L.M., Project Services Manager

“I have worked for DWFritz for 16+ years. In that time, I have seen our company grow immensely in organization and efficiency. I have been able to grow right along with DWFritz. One thing I like best is that we adhere to the same core values on which this company was founded. Working at DWFritz is at times challenging, but always rewarding. I cannot speak highly enough of this company.”

S.K., Senior Systems Engineer

S.K., Sr. Systems Engineer

“DWFritz presents me with opportunities that help me grow professionally and personally. The collaborative culture within the organization enables me to be successful in my role and also sets up the team to deliver complex machines to its customers. The management team does a great job communicating and driving the strategic goals through all levels of the organization.”

E.C., Sr. Manufacturing Supervisor

E.C., Sr. Manufacturing Supervisor

“As a new employee, meeting Mike Fritz, CEO, on my first day and attending the weekly all-staff meetings have been helpful to understand the company’s overall philosophy and projects. The recognition of individual and team contributions and demonstration of core values by peers is very inspiring.

As a member of the manufacturing leadership team, I am very excited about the future growth. A significant portion of the team is new to DWFritz and from a diverse background, making it an exciting and dynamic environment. My manager has been encouraging and supportive of new viewpoints and demonstrated confidence in my abilities.

I am thrilled to be a part of DWFritz.”

D.L., Accounting Supervisor

“DWFritz makes me feel like that I am a part of something special and I am an important piece to achieving company goals. Everyone is warm and approachable. I love working with my accounting department and I could genuinely feel that my manager is interested in my job aspiration. Her sincerity and patience simply motivates me to learn and improve every day.”

W.W., Project Manager

W.W., Project Manager

“We are a family–this is the thing I like most about DWFritz. We really care about each other and I enjoy the friendly environment. Working with a group of professional colleagues to achieve success and grow professionally, nothing can be compared with this. I have been an employee with DWFritz for over 5 years and this is the first place that has ever made me feel like I was a part of something special.

I will continue to be proud of being a DWFritz employee!”

W.W., Project Manager

J.L., Sr. Mechanical Engineer

“I’ve been at DWFritz for several years now and I still can’t believe how long it’s been!  The work keeps me busy and challenged, and my coworkers are all good collaborators—smart, competent and respectful.  The environment here makes me want to come to work every day.”

W.W., Project Manager

G.B., Business Systems & Data Analyst

“Fresh out grad school, I was hired by DWFritz Automation as a Resource Planner and I was beyond excited to start this new journey. Little did I know that I would find a family here at DWFritz. There is always a positive vibe and everyone is willing to work with you. Since I started, I have worked with every department in the company because we collaborate and share the credit—one of DWFritz’s core values, and we really believe in it. The opportunities to work on cool and impactful projects are endless, you just need to go grab them. I could not have asked for a better start to my career.”

Why DWFritz?


Innovation is the way at DWFritz. Entrepreneurship and thinking outside-of-the-box lead to incredible results. Employees are encouraged to “Find a Better Way”—this is a core value that keeps us ahead of our competition and promotes our continued growth.

DWFritz offers an incubator program, where employees are encouraged to submit ideas for new businesses and products. We also have an onsite engineering lab so our employees can tinker with our technology.

In the past few years, we entered several new markets and industries thanks to the innovation and talent inherent in our employees. We love to collaborate together to figure out the best processes and create the most brilliant technology available.

Core Values

The energy at DWFritz is fast-paced, dynamic, and highly collaborative—and we sure do love to have fun! We don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate new hires, anniversaries, and holidays, and when employees need a break during the workday, the occasional shuffle board game or darts competition will spring up.

More importantly, we want everyone to be part of the values-driven culture that inspires our daily work and interactions with our colleagues, clients, and the community at large.


Leadership at DWFritz is one-of-a-kind. Our leaders are authentic in their desire to see their employees flourish, which drives their focus on long-term and sustainable growth strategies. They empower their employees to share their ideas and create an environment that encourages creativity.

Our leaders are a diverse group of people who are highly experienced in their respective fields. They set excellent examples for their employees by practicing our core values and recognizing staff that exemplify these values.

Arguably one of the greatest features of our leadership is the continued participation of our Founder, Dennis Fritz.

One Global Team

DWFritz China and DWFritz Wilsonville teams partner constantly. From developing Engineering and Manufacturing solutions to providing cross-training opportunities and sharing best practices across Talent & Organizational Development and Finance teams, at DWFritz, we are One Team.