Responsible Integration, Social & Environmental (RISE)

Recognizing that we do not stand alone as a company, but that we rely on the support of the people and environment that surround us, the mission of RISE is to Find Better Ways to improve the social and environmental impacts of our work.

RISE is our corporate social responsibility program.

DWFritz corporate social responsibility program.

RISE Charter

Our RISE goal is to grow sustainably with all of our stakeholders in mind—employees, clients, vendors, the communities in which we operate and our environment. To do so, our RISE Committee is working to reduce our impact on the environment, improve our risk management, and better the lives of our employees and the people around us.

2019 Projects

Recycling Day

2019 RISE Recycling Day
2019 RISE Recycling Day

International Potluck

2019 RISE International Potluck culinary map
2019 RISE International Potluck

Company Sponsored Volunteer Time Off

2019 Company sponsored volunteer event
2019 company-sponsored volunteer event

Wellness Program – Step Challenge

2019 Wellness Program Step Challenge