Precision Engineering

We provide custom automation systems for advanced manufacturing.

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Customized Metrology, Inspection, and Assembly Solutions

We solve complex manufacturing challenges, improve product yields, and reduce manufacturing costs.

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We Serve These Markets:

Medical Devices, Semiconductor OEM (Equipment Contract Manufacturing), Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles/Energy Storage Systems, and MEMS.

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Advanced Metrology Expertise

  • 6 axis systems:
    • High precision XYZΘ stages for sample motion
    • Theta pitch gantry positions sensor array
  • Sensor array shares common focus with theta rotation axis
  • On the fly scanning in X axis – triggered by X encoder
  • 10µs strobe duration enables 250mm/s scan speed
  • Typical >2X improvement in throughput over step and settle
  • 50% footprint reduction
  • <10% GRR

Machine Vision Lighting Expertise

  • Critical enabler for high throughput
  • Light density supports 10µs strobe duration
  • Standard and custom solutions for specific inspections
  • Rapid prototyping capability
  • 50% footprint reduction
  • <10% GRR
  • 6 axis systems:
    • 3D printing
    • PCB design and build
    • Cable design and build

Precision Assembly Expertise

  • Precision micro fastener insertion
  • 1.5 second Takt time
  • Split-Vis™ inline Vision system enables simultaneous view of micro fasteners and target position; guides alignment to within 15 µm
  • Press process with position and force control to within 2% variation
  • Advanced simulation and analysis
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Thermal Engineering Management
    • Motion
    • Vibration

Microns & Milliseconds

  • Small Part Assembly
    • Insert a 140-micron wire into a 216-micron hole every 250-milliseconds
    • The wire is about 1.5 times the size of a human hair
    • 4 wires inserted into separate holes every second
  • Inspection
    • Detect and measure laser-cut features with less than 1-micron accuracy
    • Cosmetic and dimensional inspections, achieving 2-micron fixture repeatability at less than 1-second per measurement with better than 2-micron accuracy